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Simple POS Pool lists NPCcoin

Simple POS Pool List to NPCcoin

We are very happy for the new announcement and the acceptance of our cryptocurrency on the platform Simple POS Pool.

For those who do not know what is Simple POS Pool is a platform that helps small investors to participate in the rewards as a holder of some cryptocurrencies. The barrier to acquire a masternode is sometimes too high for small investors and Simple POS Pool It eliminates this barrier allowing the investor to send a small fraction of a masternode and participate among several small investors of the rewards of the masternodes that are listed on this platform.

They have many cryptocurrencies listed and from there you can see the statistics and performances of these masternodes.

Its interface is very simple and participate in the pools as well.

So far they have good support through their discord channel and have a large community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who analyze individually in which cryptocurrency to invest.

his site seems very safe, until now unknown hacks with what we are sure that with the amount of masternodes they have is a place that will have gone through several hacking attempts without success, with what until now seems a very safe place. In addition, they have a 2factor security system and this greatly increases security. They also have encryption protocol and https.

For NPCcoin holders it is a great advantage to have this service, because it allows small holders to join to participate in the daily rewards of the NPC masternodes that have a high barrier for the price of our cryptocurrency.

Here we will give some details on how to open an account in Simple POS Pool:

Open an account in  Simple POS Pool

To open an account you can click on the link >> Open account in Simple POS Pool <<  and you will immediately find a screen like this:

Simple POS Pool

Click on REGISTER and then a simple form like this will appear:

Simple POS Pool

You must fill in the fields with a username, an authentic email because you must confirm your registration and a secure password, which must contain 8 characters, 1 upper case 1 lower case and a number at least, for example myPasword1 and press the reCaptcha to confirm that you do not You're a robot.

Then go to your email because an email will appear with a link that will confirm your account in Simple POS Pool.

Once you click on this link, you can access your platform by clicking LOGIN and entering your username and password where you can find our NPCcoin cryptocurrency:

Simple POS Pool

Ahora puede hacer clic donde dice View Deposit Address y podrá enviar sus monedas a esa dirección. También podrá observar los detalles en el botón Coin Info que tendrá todos los detalles de la versión del wallet que ellos tienen instalado. Este detalle de Simple POS Pool es muy interesante porque podría asegurarse que están en la cadena correcta y después de 10 confirmaciones su depósito aparecerá reflejado en el panel además de en la pestaña de su historial:

To start participating in the masternode, you must click on Masternode Buy slots reflected in the yellow button and you can acquire the necessary shares to start receiving rewards.

From the development team of NPCcoin Core, it has been a pleasure to talk with your team and they have always been available for any questions and to help us in all questions for the listing.

That is why we are very happy to have this community for our cryptocurrency.

And last but not least, they have a referral system for 4 levels, since the pool carries a commission of 3% and that is shared among its users, and as it is established in blockchain, the withdrawals are also simple and fast.

We invite you to make your registration and review all the options that are in the backoffice and that Simple POS Pool has developed for its users.

>> Open account in Simple POS Pool <<

To sum up:

What does it offer Simple Pos Pool?:

- Start without limitations or barriers.
- Setting out pools - without actions or slots. All your balance outside of a masternode will bet if the currency has PoS.
- Masternode groupings: choose a masternode of your choice and acquire your slots.
- Instant rewards: do not wait for the first rewards or filling masternode. If the masternode mode has an active state, it means that it is already rewarded. Follow the rewards on our discord server.
- Withdrawals - there are no coins blocked for days and waiting for replacement.
- Flexible administration: you can deposit more coins and acquire even more slots.
- Low rates and transparent rates: 3% on PoS bets and 5% on Masternode rewards. For a masternode with an expected monthly return of less than $ 100 we have an addition of $ 1.99 per accommodation rate.
- Rates paid in the same currency you are betting or in the payment mode in which you are.
- Earn no worries: we take care of the affairs of the portfolio.


>> Open account in Simple POS Pool <<

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  1. If you have more questions, please read the FAQ or feel free to join our Simple Pos Pool Discord server. We welcome all discussions about our pool, our service and our team, and we are sure that you will find the answers you are looking for.

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