The Cryptocurrency for Financial Freedom


It is an open source cryptocurrency that anyone can use internationally on the internet to exchange value.

You can transfer money instantly and 100% anonymous to whomever you want and where you want with a commission of less than 1 cent.

Financial Freedom


Thanks to our blockchain technology and the mansternodes network system, NPCcoin allows instant transactions and confirmations in 60 seconds anywhere in the world.


Thanks to the network of people and machines of the community spread around the world that participates in the confirmations of transactions through masternodes and proof of participation, your funds and transactions are 100% safe.


Thanks to our blockchain and masternodes network system, NPCcoin allows totally anonymous and private transactions that are impossible to track. No one will know who or whom you send or receive money to.


NPCcoin does not belong to anyone. The participants of the community that possess masternodes are responsible for and responsible for maintaining the organization, direction and maintenance of the network through voting.


Together with NPCcoin, an ecosystem has been developed in an online web platform where you can use the NPCcoin. You can change them for products and services. You can get them and earn more by participating in the social network and forums, doing tasks and activities and using the affiliate program.


On the platform, a specific e-learning area of training and tutorials has been developed so that you quickly learn everything you need to adapt to the new crypto-economy and help you get more value and maintain your financial freedom.

" The moment you download the NPCcoin software you become like your own bank, you can operate your own accounts, receive and send private international transactions without relying on intermediaries "
Isaac Galvez
Founder NPCcoin

Open Source Software NPCcoin

Wallet Windows

Install your wallet for windows 32/64 bit operating systems

Wallet Mac

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Wallet Linux

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Wallet Android

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Wallet Raspberry Pi

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Wallet Paper

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Open Source Code

Public source code to review, audit and contribute

Advantages and Applications

Fast and Secure Transactions

With NPCcoins the transactions are instantaneous and can not be canceled, being registered in the blockchain avoiding delays for the clients and guaranteeing the payment for the merchants.

Freedom of payments

With NPCcoin you can send and receive any amount of money instantly to and from anywhere in the world, at any time. Without banks schedules. Without Borders. Without imposed limits. NPCcoin users always have complete control over their money.

Very low rates

Transactions with NPCcoin are currently processed with very low commissions from 0.0001 NPC. Users can include a higher commission to receive priority or extra anonymity resulting in faster confirmation of transactions by the network.

International Commerce Online

Lower risks for merchants. Transactions with NPCcoin are secure, irreversible and do not contain personal and private customer data. This protects merchants against losses caused by fraud or fraudulent return and does not require compliance with PCI standards. In addition, merchants can operate in new markets where credit cards are not available or fraud levels are too high. This leads to lower commissions, more extensive markets and less administrative costs.

Security and Control

NPCcoin users have complete control over their transactions and funds. It is impossible for merchants to force unwanted or detected charges, as can happen with other payment methods. NPCcoin payments can be made without being associated with personal information. This offers a high level of protection against identity theft. NPCcoin users can also protect their money with backup and encryption. Only the person responsible for the private keys of the wallet can make a transaction. Funds can not be seized, blocked or taxed.

Ecological, Economic, Profitable, Sustainable, Democratic, Fast, Secure, Anonymous, International, Decentralized, ....

Instant & Sharing Masternodes


Masternodes Statistics


Cointopay * in maintent



Vote For NPCcoin





Characteristics of NPCcoin










Total Supply



17 000 000

Masternode Collateral

10000 NPC

Block Reward


Reward Distribution

98% Masternode

2 % Proof of Stake


Normal: 0.0001 NPC 

zNPC: 0.01 NPC


Block confirmations: 7

Confirmation Masternodos: 20 

Block Size

2 MB

Adjustment of difficulty

Each Block

Block time

60 Second


RCP: 7167

P2P: 7168

Premine Distribution

  • 14 000 000 NPCs para repartir en la plataforma NPC.
  • 700 000 para desarollo, legal, redactores, diseñadores, etc.
  • 700 000 para reserva del proyecto, stake, masternodes, etc.
  • 700 000 Reserva CEO.
  • 700 000 para listados, sponsors, promociones, airdrops, giveaway, etc.
  • 200 000 para venta privada inversores tempranos. PVP 0.0001 BTC/ud.


Video Demo Coming soon

Coming soon NPCcoin presentation and explanatory video


Route Map

Q1 2019

NPCcoin Blockchain V2.0 Relaunch

We relaunched the NPCcoin blockchain with Swap to change the NPCcoin 1: 1 to all users.

This new blockchain incorporates major improvements such as 100% private transactions, instant transactions and the incorporation of Masternodos and DAO governance.

Q1 2019
Q2, 2019

Launch Platform Alfa 2.0 NPC and Listings

Nuestro  Sitio web principal, el ecosistema de NPC será relanzado con toda la programación terminada para soportar nuestro sistema de minería en la nube PoB (Prueba de backlink) para que puedas generar hasta un 1.33% diario de tus monedas.

Además, podrás generar más monedas gracias al faucet de 5 minutos, a las ofertas de muro, la red social que te genera monedas con tus comentarios, la red de articulos para promover con tu link, ganar con el tráfico web que generes, las comisiones por venta de productos, y un largo etc.

Listados en o similar.

Listados en Cryptobrige o similar.

Listados en Stake of Stake o similar.

Listados en CriptoCore o similar.

Swap on Yobit

Swap in Escodex

Swap in CoinToPay

Q2, 2019

Android Wallet

We hope to have our wallet app for Android smartphone to download in Play Store


IOS Wallet

We hope to have our wallet application for smartphone type Iphone to download on the App Store



We are Forming Team, Join the Community

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

NPCcoin is a cryptocurrency derived from the latest generation bitcoin that allows point-to-point transactions on the internet instantly and in a 100% private and anonymous and untraceable way. It also allows its users to earn money online through tasks based on web traffic and the value is obtained thanks to the advertising sponsors that show their interest in promoting their products or services to the users of this cryptocurrency.

To earn money with NPCcoin there are several ways, you can complete different types of tasks on a daily basis, refer web traffic, new users or sales, participate in the PoS, PoB or Masternode mining. This will generate NPCcoin coins that can then change in the market, or sell to another user for Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies or local currencies such as Euro, Dollar, Pesos, ...

In short, cryptocurrency mining is the activity through which new cryptoactives are issued and confirm transactions in a blockchain network.

They are simple tasks that help the platform and the community to grow and consequently grow the value of the NPCcoin cryptocurrency. The greater the community that surrounds and trusts the veracity of the transactions and the legitimacy of the holders, the greater value they will have.

Also that the NPCcoin cryptocurrency has a usability, so the first utility that this cryptocurrency has is to be able to pay for the services available in the Ecosystem with the same NPCcoin cryptocurrency.

The free obtaining of the currency is a show for people who want to generate extra income. For advertisers, this is a specific audience and they are willing to pay to present their products or services to this group. So they must pay for our advertising services through this currency that they must buy back first from the same users that already own it, specifically the users who do the promotion or mining tasks that bring more visitors and more users.

Mining tasks:

- PoS: Keep your portfolio unloaded and open for 24/7 stake with your mature coins (Without moving them)

- Masternode: Maintain a complete node server with 10000 coins blocked 24/7

- PoB: Acquire a PoB package and perform a task to copy and paste.

- NPC tasks:

  • Offerwall: perform the tasks offered by our partners of offers such as: Clicks, Surveys, Test apps, etc.
  • Share articles on social networks
  • Visit the Business page
  • Write articles
  • Visit special links
  • Faucet every minute
  • Generate unique visits to and its network of websites with your referral link.
  • Generate new users with your referral link.
  • Generate sales of PoB packages.
  • Generate sales of advertising packages
  • Generate sales of products or services.
  • Use the platform, participate in forums and the social network, send messages, upload photos, watch videos, etc.
  • Upload of ranges
  • Visit the faucet.
  • Playing fortune roulette
  • And a lot lot more…

It depends,

If you want to generate money through NPCcoin, the answer is: NO

If you want to get visibility of your business or traffic to your website from NPC, the answer is YES.

If you want to get NPCcoin without performing tasks, the answer is YES.

If you want to get NPCcoin doing tasks or participating in activities, the answer is NO.

It depends on the requested space, but approximately:

Clicks to your website: 100 clicks, 3 NPC

Impressions of your banners: 1000 Impressions, 2 NPC

Unlimited impressions and clicks per day: 1 day 2 NPC

Artículos Promocionales: 1 Article 200 NPC

In addition to other exclusive services. Visit the Online store.

NO, all the tasks are explained in each area of ​​the web, there are guides and tutorials for beginners who want to get started on the subject of cryptocurrencies, as well as online business and how to acquire our advertising space. In addition, it is our mission to help people adapt to the new cryptoeconomy and earn money through the internet, so teaching these concepts will be our main line of content.

(Decentralized Autonomous Organization) It means that thanks to the voting system of masternodos, the users that have more interest in giving value to the currency as StakersHolders, decide the future of the project without a leader that governs the system through the chain of blocks of NPCcoin.

If you have more questions please go to the Questions and Answers area once registered on the NPC platform or go to our Discord server.

NPC Platform

NPCcoin has an extraordinary platform designed as an ecosystem to generate and monetize the traffic of web visits online, thereby enabling a cycle of NPCcoins repurchases and offering a benefit to different types of users. In this way the NPCcoin remains stable and constantly growing in value. In addition to offering different products and services. is the central platform where you can earn and spend the NPCcoin utility token.
You can win NPCcoin in many different ways: new visits, new users, product sales commissions, sharing on social networks, commenting on forums and the social network platform, trying your luck with roulette, lotteries, faucets, and many more ways
You can use your NPCcoin to buy traffic, advertising, listings, PoB mining packages, memberships, training, courses and many exclusive products.

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NPCcoin es un proyecto de software descentralizado, creado y apoyado por una comunidad de personas interesadas en el funcionamiento de esta criptomoneda.


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NPCcoin SOLO is a software platform and does not perform any independent diligence or substantial revision of any blockchain assets, digital currency, cryptocurrency or associated funds. You are the sole and total responsible of evaluating your investments, of determining if you will exchange the assets of the chain of blocks based on yours, and of all your decisions about whether to exchange the assets of the block chain with NPCcoin. In many cases, blockchain assets that you exchange based on your research may not increase in value and decrease in value. Likewise, the blockchain assets that you exchange based on your research may increase in value after your exchange.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. Any investment in blockchain assets involves the risk of partial or total loss of your investment. The value of the blockchain assets you exchange is subject to market risks and other investment risks.

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