The Cryptocurrency for Financial Freedom


It is an open source cryptocurrency that anyone can use internationally on the internet to exchange value.

You can transfer money instantly and 100% anonymous to whomever you want and where you want with a commission of less than 1 cent.

Financial Freedom

Instant Transactions

Thanks to our blockchain technology and the mansternodes network system, NPCcoin allows instant transactions and confirmations in 60 seconds anywhere in the world.

Decentralized Blockchain

Thanks to the network of people and machines of the community spread around the world that participates in the confirmations of transactions through masternodes and proof of participation, your funds and transactions are 100% safe.

Anonymous and Private Transactions

Thanks to our blockchain and masternodes network system, NPCcoin allows totally anonymous and private transactions that are impossible to track. No one will know who or whom you send or receive money to.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

NPCcoin does not belong to anyone. The participants of the community that possess masternodes are responsible for maintaining the organization, direction and maintenance of the network through voting.

Community and Ecosystem NPC

Together with NPCcoin, an ecosystem has been developed in an online web platform where you can use the NPCcoin. You can change them for products and services. You can get them and earn more by participating in the social network and forums, doing tasks and activities and using the affiliate program.

Training and Tutorials

On the platform, a specific e-learning area of training and tutorials has been developed so that you quickly learn everything you need to adapt to the new crypto-economy and help you get more value and maintain your financial freedom.

" The moment you download the NPCcoin software you become like your own bank, you can operate your own accounts, receive and send private international transactions without relying on intermediaries "
Isaac Galvez
NPCcoin Founder

Software Open Source NPCcoin

Wallet Windows

Install your wallet for windows 32/64 bit operating systems

Wallet Mac

Install your wallet for MacOs bit operating systems

Wallet Linux

Install your wallet for Linux bit operating systems

Wallet Android

Install your wallet for Android bit operating systems

Wallet IOS

Install your wallet for IOS bit operating systems

Wallet Raspberry Pi

Install your wallet for Raspberry Pi bit operating systems

Wallet Papel

Create your wallet to receive or send NPCcois in Paper

Wallet Online

Open your account FREE in NPC platform

Open Source Code

Public source code to review, audit and contribute

Advantages and Applications

Fast and Secure Transactions

With NPCcoins the transactions are instantaneous and can not be canceled, being registered in the blockchain avoiding delays for the clients and guaranteeing the payment for the merchants.

Freedom of payments

With NPCcoin you can send and receive any amount of money instantly to and from anywhere in the world, at any time. Without banks schedules. Without Borders. Without imposed limits. NPCcoin users always have complete control over their money.

Very low rates

Transactions with NPCcoin are currently processed with very low commissions from 0.0001 NPC. Users can include a higher commission to receive priority or extra anonymity resulting in faster confirmation of transactions by the network.

International Commerce Online

Lower risks for merchants. Transactions with NPCcoin are secure, irreversible and do not contain personal and private customer data. This protects merchants against losses caused by fraud or fraudulent return and does not require compliance with PCI standards. In addition, merchants can operate in new markets where credit cards are not available or fraud levels are too high. This leads to lower commissions, more extensive markets and less administrative costs.

Security and Control

NPCcoin users have complete control over their transactions and funds. It is impossible for merchants to force unwanted or detected charges, as can happen with other payment methods. NPCcoin payments can be made without being associated with personal information. This offers a high level of protection against identity theft. NPCcoin users can also protect their money with backup and encryption. Only the person responsible for the private keys of the wallet can make a transaction. Funds can not be seized, blocked or taxed.

Ecological, Economic, Profitable, Sustainable, Democratic, Fast, Secure, Anonymous, International, Decentralized, ....







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Characteristics of NPCcoin










Max Supply



7 000 000

Masternode Collateral

10000 NPC

Block Reward


Reward Distribution

80% Masternode

20 % Proof of Stake


Normal: 0.0001 NPC 

zNPC: 0.01 NPC


Transaction confirmations: 7

Masternode confirmations: 20 

Block Size

2 MB

Adjustment of difficulty

Every Block

Target timespan

60 Second


RCP: 7167

P2P: 7168

Premine Distribution

Reserve and Distribution Premine

Spent Resources

Available 97%

Available 98%

Available 98%

Available 100%

Available 100%

Video Demo Coming soon

Coming soon NPCcoin presentation and explanatory video


Route Map

Q1 2019

NPCcoin Blockchain V2.0 Relaunch

Relanzamos la blockchain de NPCcoin con Swap para cambiar 1:1 los NPCcoin a todos los usuarios.

Esta nueva blockchain incorpora grandes mejoras como Transaciones 100% privadas, Transacciones instantaneas y la incorporación de Masternodos y gobernanza DAO.

Q1 2019
Q2, 2019

Launch Plataforma Alfa 2.0 NPC y Listados

Nuestro  Sitio web principal, el ecosistema de NPC será relanzado con toda la programación terminada para soportar nuestro sistema de minería en la nube PoB (Prueba de backlink) para que puedas generar hasta un 1.33% diario de tus monedas Holdeadas.

Además, podrás generar más monedas gracias al faucet de 5 minutos, a las ofertas de muro, la red social que te genera monedas con tus comentarios, la red de articulos para promover con tu link, ganar con el tráfico web que generes, las comisiones de productos, y un largo etc.

Listados en

Listados en Cryptobrige

Listados en Stake of Stake

Listados en CriptoCore

Más Listados

Swap en Yobit

Swap en Escodex

Swap en CoinToPay


Q2, 2019

Android Wallet

Esperamos poder tener nuestra aplicación wallet para smartphone tipo Android para descargar en Play Store


IOS Wallet

Esperamos poder tener nuestra aplicación wallet para smartphone tipo Iphone para descargar en App Store



We are Forming Team, Join the Community

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

NPCcoin is a cryptocurrency derived from the latest generation bitcoin that allows point-to-point transactions on the internet instantly and in a 100% private and anonymous and untraceable way. It also allows its users to earn money online through tasks, based on web traffic. The value is obtained thanks to the advertising sponsors that show their interest in promoting their products or services to the users of this cryptocurrency.

To earn money with NPCcoin there are several ways, you can complete different types of tasks on a daily basis, refer web traffic, new users or sales, participate in the PoS, PoB or Masternode mining. This will generate NPCcoin coins that can then change in the market, or sell to another user for Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies or local currencies such as Euro, Dollar, Pesos, ...

In short, cryptocurrency mining is the activity through which new cryptoactives are issued and confirm transactions in a blockchain network.

They are simple tasks that help the platform and the community to grow and consequently grow the value of the NPCcoin cryptocurrency. The greater the community that surrounds and trusts the veracity of the transactions and the legitimacy of the holders, the greater value they will have.

Also that the NPCcoin cryptocurrency has a usability, so the first utility that this cryptocurrency has is to be able to pay for the services available in the Ecosystem with the same NPCcoin cryptocurrency.

The free obtaining of the currency is a show for people who want to generate extra income. For advertisers, this is a specific audience and they are willing to pay to present their products or services to this group. So they must pay for our advertising services through this currency that they must buy back first from the same users that already own it, specifically the users who do the promotion or mining tasks that bring more visitors and more users.

Tareas de Minería:

– PoS: Mantener su cartera descargada y abierta para stake 24/7 con sus monedas maduras (Sin moverlas)

– Masternode: Mantener un servidor de nodo completo con 10000 monedas bloqueadas 24/7

– PoB: Adquirir un paquete PoB y realizar una tarea al dia de copiar y pegar.

– Tareas de NPC:

  • Offerwall: realizar las tareas ofrecidas por nuestros partners de ofertas como: Clics, Encuestas, Probar apps, etc.
  • Compartir articulos en redes sociales
  • Visitar diariamente la página de
  • Escribir artículos
  • Visitar enlaces especiales
  • Faucet cada minuto
  • Generar visitas únicas a y su red de sitios web con tu enlace de referido.
  • Generar nuevos usuarios con tu enlace de referido.
  • Generar ventas de paquetes PoB.
  • Generar ventas de paquetes de publicidad.
  • Generar ventas de productos o Servicios.
  • Utilizar la plataforma, participar de foros y la red social, enviar mensajes, subir fotos, ver videos, etc
  • Subir de rangos.
  • Visitar el faucet.
  • Jugar a la ruleta de la fortuna
  • Y mucho mucho más…


Si usted lo que desea es generar dinero a través de NPCcoin, la respuesta es: NO

Si usted lo que desea es conseguir visibilidad de su negocio o tráfico hacia su web desde NPC, la respuesta es SÍ.

Si usted quiere conseguir NPCcoin sin realizar tareas, las respuesta es SÍ.

Si usted quiere conseguir NPCcoin realizando tareas o participando de las actividades, la respuesta es NO.

Depende del espacio solicitado, pero aproximadamente:

Clics hacia sus sitio web: 100 clics, 3 NPC

Impresiones de su banners: 1000 Impresiones, 2 NPC

Impresiones y clics ilimitados por día: 1 día 2 NPC

Artículos Promocionales: 1 Artículo 200 NPC

Ademas de otros servicios exclusivos. Visite la tienda Online.

NO, todas las tareas están explicadas en cada área de la web, hay guías y tutoriales para principiantes que desean iniciarse en el tema de las criptomonedas, así como en los negocios por internet y de cómo adquirir nuestros espacios publicitarios. Además, es nuestra misión ayudar a las personas a adaptarse a la nueva criptoeconomía y a ganar dinero a través de internet, con lo que enseñar estos conceptos será nuestra línea principal de contenidos.

(Decentralized Autonomous Organization) Significa que gracias al sistema de votación de masternodos, los usuarios que más interés tienen en darle valor a la moneda como StakersHolders, deciden el futuro del proyecto sin un lider que gobierne el sistema a traves de la propia cadena de bloques de NPCcoin.

If you have more questions please go to the Questions and Answers area once registered on the NPC platform or go to our Discord server.

NPC Platform

NPCcoin cuenta con una extraordinaria plataforma diseñada como ecosistema para generar y monetizar online el tráfico de visitas webs, permitiendo con esto un ciclo de recompras de NPCcoins y ofreciendo un beneficio a los diferentes tipos de usuarios. De esta manera el NPCcoin se mantiene estable y en constante crecimiento de valor. Además de ofrecer diferentes productos y servicios. es la plataforma central donde poder ganar y gastar el utility token NPCcoin.
Puedes ganar NPCcoin de muchas formas diferentes: nuevas visitas, nuevos usuarios, comisiones de venta de productos, compartiendo en redes sociales, comentando en foros y red social de la plataforma, probando suerte con la ruleta de la fortuna, loterías, faucets, y muchas formas más.
Podrás usar tus NPCcoin para comprar trafico, publicidad, listados, paquetes de minería PoB, membresías, formación, cursos y muchos productos exclusivos.

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NPCcoin es un proyecto de software descentralizado, creado y apoyado por una comunidad de personas interesadas en el funcionamiento de estcriptomoneda.

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NPCcoin SOLO es una plataforma de software y no realiza ninguna diligencia independiente ni revisión sustancial de ningún activo de blockchain, moneda digital, criptomoneda o fondos asociados. Usted es el único y total responsable de evaluar sus inversiones, de determinar si intercambiará los activos de la cadena de bloques en base a los suyos, y de todas sus decisiones sobre si intercambiar los activos de la cadena de bloques con NPCcoin. En muchos casos, los activos de blockchain que intercambia en base a su investigación pueden no aumentar de valor y disminuir de valor. Del mismo modo, los activos de blockchain que intercambias en base a tu investigación pueden aumentar de valor después de tu intercambio.

El rendimiento pasado no es indicativo de resultados futuros. Cualquier inversión en activos de blockchain implica el riesgo de pérdida parcial o total de su inversión. El valor de los activos de blockchain que intercambia está sujeto a riesgos de mercado y otros riesgos de inversión.

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