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Escodex Exchange Descentalizado Lista NPCcoin

EscoDex, Decentralized Exchange lists NPCcoin

EscoDex lists NPCcoin, The Decentralized Exchange Without Bitshares Fault Points

We want to continue our blog by launching good news and it is excellent to know that from now on NPC is within the chain of bitshares blocks through the EscoDex gateway.

Escodex is a Decentralized Exchange of great advances, although it is a relatively new Cripto Exchange, its volume of users grows every day as well as its trading volume.

We know that an Exchange of this type will come increasingly higher due to its different advantages compared to the most well-known exchanges, of which we would like to recognize some later.

Escodex, Decentralized Exchange Without Point of Failure

excodex exchange descentralizadoUnlike other decentralized exchanges of the chain of bitshares, it uses a distributed network of nodes to ensure that the gateway is suspended in a network of distributed masternodes. In this way, you will always secure your coins and can never be hacked or hacked.

Through EscodexYour NPCcoins that you send to this exchange will be 100% secure and in no way can they be blocked, stolen or disappear.

We have worked hard to participate in this exchange of coins to ensure NPCcoin users a great future and have no problems with lost funds or blocked funds, as has already happened through other centralized exchanges such as Yobit, which we have tried Repeatedly to reach an agreement to restore our purse without any success or response or as with other exchanges that disappear and lose all funds as has also happened to us at CoinsMarkets.

So we will show the benefits of Buying and Selling NPCcoin within Escodex:

  • Decentralized Exchange You are the owner of your private keys. You do not need to trust Escodex to have your funds safe. These are processed by the chain of bitshares blocks.
  • Transaction fees are low, only 0.1% per exchange.
  • Several Markets Currently there are 2 active markets, BTC and ESCO. However, we are aware of 2 more markets in the upcoming updates such as ETH and USDT. You can change NPCcoin directly by Bitcoins, USDT, Etherium and Escrowcoin.
  • Trade 24/7. Decentralized exchanges are permanently open and you can buy or sell NPCcoin at any time.
  • Simple Interface The decentralized Exchange of Escodex has a truly simple interface to use. Basically you will have the trade tab and the tab to deposit or withdraw NPCcoin, Bitcoin or any currency.
  • Anonymous. To exchange NPCcoin in Escodex, you just have to have a username and a private key. No email or credential or KYC / AML process or account or phone verification is necessary. Absolutely anonymous through the blockchain of Bitshares.
  • Decentralization by blockchain. Absolutely sure. No one can hack your account or block your funds. No administrator, no government, no authority can freeze your assets within Escodex. You only have access to your funds through your private key.
  • Online support Another great advantage is its online support through its development, administration and support team are visible through this instant messaging channel. They have a Bot in their channel support where with two commands can help us to refresh the transactions that can get stuck, this being an automatic system that allows us to transfer coins from one block chain to the other without human intervention and without waiting, not as in other media that may take several days or weeks or years to respond as in the case of Yobit.

So, now you can exchange NPCcoin at any time, you will always have to take into account the sale and purchase price based on supply and demand. We wish you good trading thanks to Escodex, The Decentralized Exchange..

Open a free and anonymous account if you do not have it yet  ESCODEX .

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